Authentizer you can be sure of the original!

Buying products bearing the safety features and their verification you can be sure the quality of the original product and not have to worry about the bad qualities of forgery.

Verify your product

Visible code:

Visible code (8 characters) is freely visible on the security element. This makes it possible to determine whether the product is original.

Hidden code:

Hidden code (6 characters) can be retrieved by removing the top cover of safety element. Use this code to register the product as open.

Marked product feature Authentizer verify by scanning the QR code visible smart phone with any reader or by entering an alphanumeric code into the box on the left.

After buying Remove the blue liner, revealing hidden QR and alphanumeric code. Scan the QR code internal or here on the site, enter both alphanumeric codes to obtain a 100% certainty.

The volume of trade in counterfeit goods worldwide exceeds 200 billion EUR per year.

The Authentizer comes up with a solution to this problem.

It offers simple, effective and safe labeling of original products that enables the consumer to obtain information about the origin of the product even before the purchase.
The consumer has the opportunity to obtain information about the origin of the product even before the purchase. It can be done by a smartphone. The consumer will scan the external code on the safety element that is visible in the form of a QR code or by entering alphanumeric code into So the consumer will then have information about product’s origin. Based on this information, they can choose whether or not to buy the product.
After the purchase, the consumer will peel back the top layer of the safety element sticker to reveal the hidden code. After they enter matching combination of visible and hidden codes, the system will mark this combination as used and no one will be able to use it again. This feature prevents the counterfeiting of safety elements. This also makes these safety elements even more effective than a hologram for example.

Are you a manufacturer and do you have a problem with counterfeit products?

Do you produce a quality product and you want to give customers the certainty of its origin?